UI5 Custom control for Google Maps

This project is maintained by christianladron

OpenUI5 Control for Google Maps

This is an OpenUI5 Control for Google Maps, supporting binding to Models, this is the example code for the creation of a map and a markers layer bounded to a model.

Loading of modules:'mexbalia','src/');'mexbalia.Maps.Polygon');'mexbalia.Maps.MarkersLayer');
Creation of the templates for the aggregations in the Layers

	locationsTemplate = new mexbalia.Maps.Location({latitude:"{Latitude}",longitude:"{Longitude}"});
	markersTemplate = new mexbalia.Maps.Marker({latitude:"{Latitude}",longitude:"{Longitude}"});
Creation of the Map

	Map = new mexbalia.Maps.Map();
Creation of the layers Polygon and markersLayer

	Polygon= new mexbalia.Maps.Polygon({locations:{path:"/Markers",template:locationsTemplate}});
	markersLayer= new mexbalia.Maps.MarkersLayer({markers:{path:"/Markers",template:markersTemplate}});
Insertion of the layers into the map

Setting of the model and placing in the <div> element

	Modelo = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel();

In this example the table is bounded to the same model in a two-way binding, any change in the values of the table changes the markers position. In this example I used the Markers and Polygon elements, the Polyline and Heatmap Layers are defined like Polygon, with a Location template

You can run this example with openUI5 downloading and extracting it in the openui5 folder.

Link to the example above